Friday, September 25, 2015

Sewing School - A Simple Pillowcase

The Teach a Friend to Sew series continues this week with the first sewing project, a pillowcase.  A timely project as some of mine seem to have disappeared.  I gathered my notions and made sure they are in my sewing basket and now it's time to make an easy, speedy pillowcase to earn my first sewing merit badge.
I feel like I'm in 4-H Club!

I'm a little picky about sheets and pillowcases as I prefer them to be very soft.  Wanting to use fabric that was already in my stash I picked some lovely Imperial Broadcloth that I had bought a while back to smock a nightgown.  It's soft and I know it will wash nicely.  I also wanted to use some Henderson fabric scraps I had from a leftover project to give the pillowcase a fresh modern look.

I added a little gold flange.

The pillowcase seems a little large for my pillow so the next time I sew one I'm going to measure a standard pillowcase for a better fit.  

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